If in doubt, pack up your bags

Hello folks,

Welcome to my first post. My name is Hannah. I am a blogger based in Malta, originally from London. I moved here about 5 months ago now. I can safely say that for the first time in years, I feel well and truly myself. I am 34 and am probably the happiest I have ever been in my life. This is a very nice feeling. And I feel I have earn’t and deserve it!! Because it hasn’t been a smooth and straightforward journey for me, especially in recent years. I am hoping that this post helps and inspires anyone who feels a little bit lost. I promise you that you won’t always feel this way. Trust me on that one. Happiness is very reachable and achievable and usually just takes a little patience and a few tweaks. I will take you back to how it started for me.

Before I got on the plane at London Gatwick in June of this year, I was all over the place. I was living in Putney, S.W London and I had a good job as a personal trainer and a whole bunch of awesome friends who I loved, but I just felt a bit lost in general and unsure of who I was as a person and what I wanted from my life. My love life was a total mess and I just went from one meaningless relationship to the next, with very little standards or expectations for myself. The last few relationships I got myself into were absolutely shit to say the least. It was time for a change. And that change needed to be a big one. I was very ready for a new start.

I started applying for jobs all over the place. You name it, I was applying for it. An air hostess for Emirates, a recruitment consultant in Malta, a personal trainer in Ibiza, I was sending applications all over the globe. Whatever job I got, I would take. The first job that got back to me was the recruitment job in Malta. I had been to Malta quite a few times and one of my good friends lived there. I liked it as a place. I had no idea what it would be like to live there but I was certainly keen on giving it a whirl if I was successful in my application. Sooo….after a couple of telephone interviews, THE JOB WAS MINE!!! Holy shit. This was it! I was doing it. And the company wanted me out there within a few weeks. I had 3 weeks to tie up loose ends at work and pack up my stuff to start my new life. How fucking excited was I!!!! I was doing it. And I couldn’t fucking wait.


You know how people say that when certain things are meant to happen in your life, the universe almost conspires to make it happen? Well thats exactly what it started doing for me. I had anticipated so much stress in order to pack up my entire life and move overseas. With all my clothes I had to pack up, work I had to finish off, re-direction of all my mail bla bla, it was bound to be super duper stress stress stress. But in fact, it was the complete opposite. It was easy peasy lemon squeezy. Zero stress or strain, absolutely effortless. I had narrowed down my stuff to about 4 suitcases and had shipped the lot to Malta for about 150 quid! Bargain. Before I knew it, I had arrived in Malta myself.


There is something about moving overseas and living in a new country that changes who you are forever. And I imagine that anyone who has done the same, will agree with me. You aren’t the same person when and if you ever go back to your home country. I have changed, grown and developed so much over this last 5 months and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Why have I changed? Because I’ve had to. Throwing yourself into a new environment and country is not easy. Its not as straightforward as you hop on a plane, move to a sunnier climate and live happily ever after. Absolutely not. In fact, the first few months are fucking hard!! Adapting, living and surviving emotionally and physically in a foreign country when you have very little support network around you is very very hard. And some days you will feel ok and other days you won’t. And thats just the way it goes. But what happens is, whether you are aware of it or not, every day you will feel that things feel slightly easier for you. With every new encounter you have with someone and every new thing you see, you will feel that little bit more at home. And before you know it, you will absolutely adore the place. And you will feel very much part of the way of life and the community that surrounds you.


I have toughened up so much during this 5 months. And I have met so many wonderful souls on this island. I am very grateful for that. I have also really got back in touch with who I am as a person and re-connected with myself. I think that’s happened because I removed all the “noise” that was around me when I was back in London. Back in London, I was running around at 100 miles per hour unsure of why and what I was trying to achieve. I was lost. Totally and utterly lost and unsure of who I was as a person. This move gave me the silence that I required to reach out to myself again. And to remember what I was all about and what was important to me. It took time and it was a process, hard at times but I got through it. And trust me on this one, the way you feel when you emerge from this confusion a stronger and happier person all round, makes the struggle absolutely worthwhile. You will feel amazing. And you will have so much love and respect for yourself again. Because you’ve done it. You’ve done yourself proud. You have built and created a wonderful new life for yourself in a totally new country. And that deserves a celebration. And now you’ve done it once, you can do it again and again and again. Or you can simply return to your home country with your new found clarity, peace and strength.

I hope this has encouraged anyone who is craving a new beginning to take the plunge and do it. Trust me, you will never regret it.

Thank you for reading,

Hannah xx

P.S I would like to thank all the wonderful people that have been involved in my journey so far in my life and on this Maltese adventure. You know who you are, thank you.



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