Stop holding yourself back

Hi guys,

Forgive me for the slightly harsh title but I felt it would capture the attention of the people who have a tendency to do what I do by holding yourself back from things that you want in your life. I don’t know about some of you but in recent years especially, I seem to have sidelined a lot of my goals and dreams that I have for myself. It’s actually become quite frustrating because even though I have been fully aware that I have been somewhat “slacking off”, I haven’t done much about it. I am not sure if it is perhaps an age thing because I am 34 now and I used to be super duper ambitious and a real go-getter but maybe because I’m female, hormones are taking over a bit and my body just wants to chill out and start having babies. God knows. Anyway I’m certainly not in any position to have any kids right now (single, bla bla) so I may as well go back to being the Mrs results (Miss) that I once was. Things are about to change my dears.


(Sorry I am not showing off but look how fit I used to be!!! Holy shit, thats me!! How things have changed hahahahah).

Anyway first things first. What do you want in your life? What do I want in my life? What do you want to have achieved by next year? Get it written down on a chalkboard or anywhere in front of you. My goals and aims are to:

  • Publish at least one book by next year
  • Save at least 5k so that I can move back to London and have some extra cash to get myself set up again.
  • To be honest that’s actually about it
  • Maybe I should set some more…
  • Erm
  • Oh yeah
  • Get my fit and healthy body back
  • Because I have let myself go a bit!!!

Right so now that we can see our goals in front of us, we are that little bit closer to achieving them. And we can now start making plans to make stuff happen. It all starts with that first decision. Something MUST click inside your head to get yourself going. If it’s not clicking, make it click. Just pretend it has clicked so that you can get the ball rolling with yourself.

I do believe a lot of people hold themselves back, not because of laziness but because they simply do not believe in themselves. I used to think, back in the day when I was young and full of confidence that anyone around me who wasn’t chasing their dreams, were just plain lazy. I really don’t hold that opinion anymore. Soooo many people do not rate themselves that much or just don’t think their dreams will come true. Or they perhaps don’t think they deserve to fly and be successful. This is so tragic. I am speaking as someone who used to have confidence coming out my a##ehole but for some reason over recent years, I have fallen off the self-belief wagon. And as a result, I have stopped chasing my dreams. Until now. EVERYTHING is about to change my dears. Because I am going to make it change. I am going to talk about self-belief in more detail in a later post so stay tuned but I just will say this one thing: You’re awesome. Remember that. You can achieve absolutely anything you want in your life. You just must believe that you can. And if you don’t believe it, just pretend that you do. Because eventually you will.

And don’t forget that everything you do in one area of your life has a huge impact on other areas. A knock-on effect. For example, I have FINALLY started eating healthily again after moving to Malta from London and eating gelato 24/7. Now that I can feel my arse rubbing against the back of my thighs when I walk, I have decided that enough is enough. Being a personal trainer, of course, I have the knowledge to know what I should and shouldn’t be doing and eating. But I have realised that knowledge isn’t enough. You’ve GOTTA have the will to back it up. And like I say, over the last year or so, possibly because I am a slightly more content with myself and less judgemental, I have let myself go a bit.But I am back to my 5 days a week training and eating healthily 🙂 And already I feel great.


There’s me with my ridiculously healthy nutri-bullet. GOD I RULE 😉

And also, this re-found motivation and oomph is having a knock-on effect on all of my other plans/aims and goals that I have for myself. Fuck yeah. I am blogging again and working on my first ebook 🙂

Guys- Make it happen. Start now. Right now and do not stop. Give yourself the life, success and happiness that you CAN achieve and FULLY deserve. There is no time like the present.

Smash it up, I will be thinking of you xx

P.s Don’t eat crap because you’ll feel all sluggish and you wont want to do anything.

P.p.s (I do miss cake sometimes) (Sssshhhhhhhh)

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