Watch yourself fly. By being you

Firstly, sorry about the bum pic. It was the only photo of me flying! Anyway, I am going to talk about a subject that I hold very close to my heart. It’s about being you and excelling in life by being you. Being exactly the person that you are and doing everything that you can with your unique gifts and talents so that you can create the happiest and most successful life for yourself. Because that is absolutely achievable and perfectly within your reach. You just have to believe it. And how are you ever going to know that it is perfectly reachable if you never try it out? Well you won’t. Once you start taking steps to doing exactly what you should be doing with your life, you will begin to see just how brilliant you really are. And that is what will keep you motivated to stick it out.

We are all blessed to be born with a unique gift that we have to offer and share with the world. That is a gift that we mustn’t take for granted. I do believe that deep down most of us know exactly what that gift is. When you are in a good place in your life, free from the distractions and the expectations that we feel society places upon us (we place upon ourselves!!) we become fully aware of our gifts. And those gifts are more often than not right in front of our very eyes. Even if we get a little lost along the way or feel confused about who we are as a person and what we want to do with our lives as we are growing up, we will always eventually come back to that gift. It will always be the ‘thing’ that you choose to do with the majority of your time. For me, that has only ever been one thing and I have remained close to that thing for as long as I can remember. That thing for me is Writing. I could literally write all day for the rest of my life and I would never get bored. I simply adore it. That passion and desire that I have for it is the reason that I always come back to it, no matter what. Even when there has been a few times in my life that I may have slightly drifted away from it when trying to discover what I am all about, I have always come back to it. Because it has always come back to me. And that is why I know I am destined to do it.


The above pic is taken when I was doing standup comedy a few years back. Something that I don’t regret doing but it was something that I did for 2 years and then realised it wasn’t for me. And that’s ok! Because I was moving closer to doing what I am supposed to be doing and it was all part of the journey to getting me there.

Ask yourself one question guys: What is the thing that makes you the happiest? Regardless of what it is or how crazy it may seem or sound in your mind, think about exactly what that thing is. Then write it down so that you can see it clearly on paper. Perhaps you feel the happiest when you are singing or cooking or dancing or working with numbers or helping others or painting or teaching or playing the guitar or exercising. What you will find is that that thing, that activity, that hobby that you absolutely adore doing, you are probably also very good at. How awesome is that. You are blessed with a talent that you happen to love doing. Now THAT is a gift. So why then are so many of us not running with this gift? Why do so many of us have these wonderful talents that we simply aren’t maximising? What a tragedy! Why? Well it’s usually down to a few factors that we let get the better of us time and time again. These factors can be lumped together under one big word. Fear. We allow fear to get the better of us. Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of it not working out, fear of people judging us etc etc. It is a fucker of a thing really. BUT, it can be conquered guys. That’s the good news. We can conquer it by taking action. We can conquer it by doing. Because taking action frees you from its hold. As hard as its grip may seem at times. We all get scared. And that’s totally normal. “What happens if I flop?” “What happens if I’m rubbish?” “Will people judge me?” Guys who cares!! And you won’t be rubbish so stop being ridiculous. You will most likely be absolutely bloody brilliant. Because you are using, developing and bringing to the table your special gift. It’s a gift πŸ™‚ It has been given to you. And you actually owe it to yourself and to the world that you live in to not be selfish with it. Or to keep it to yourself just because you’re afraid. Let it free. Let your gift run wild into the world and among your fellow people. And just watch the magic that it brings to yourself, your world and the people that you share it with.

And by the way, try and just be you and nobody else. You are enough just as you are. In fact, you are more than enough. And that is why you are you. Lets try and not act in ways or do anything which don’t feel true to who we are or what we are about and our values. If it makes you feel uncomfortable doing it then it probably isn’t for you. Stay true to you and what you are all about. Because you are awesome!

GO GET EM GUYS!!! You will be brilliant I know xxx


P.S As I was writing this post, the song ‘Fix you’ by Coldplay came on. “And if you never try, you’ll never know”. You’ll never know how good you really are if you don’t give yourself the right chance. You owe that to yourself. You don’t want to look back in years from now and wish you had pursued all your dreams and ambitions. You can and deserve to make them all come true. Good luck πŸ™‚

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