Are you ready for the Awesome life?

Hello my darlings,

It’s literally been so long since I have properly written to you. I feel like I have soooooo much to tell you now as sooooo much has happened that I don’t really know where to start! As many of you know I live in sunny Malta. I moved here from London about 14 months ago, where does time go I do not know. Sooo much has happened and changed since I have been here, I feel like its not all part of the same life. The last time I properly wrote on here I was working in a gym, unsure of where I was going and just bumbling along really. I was also in a mehh relationship that was just a bit mehhh and was just in it for the sake of being in it really. I needed to make some changes. I had lost my motivation and needed to find ways to get it back.

I’d say about February this year I started to get my mojo for life back again. The dude I was dating went back to London and it was time for me to focus on me again. I made plans and I set goals and I wasn’t going to stop until I had achieved them. I actually wrote down my goals for the year on a large piece of paper and stuck them on my wall which is something that I hadn’t done for yearsssss!! I could actually see my goals now right there in front of me everyday when I was at home. Seeing them regularly helped me create the visualisations which in turn helped me to make them a reality.

There were quite a few of them on the list but to give you an idea of what they were, I had:

  • Run a marathon (Something which I had wanted to do for years but despite the fact that I have been running for as long as I can remember, I never actually thought I would be able to run one……what self-limiting bollocks in hindsight!)
  • Find true love
  • Get back into presenting of some sort- T.V or radio
  • Complete a Swedish massage diploma
  • Build up my personal training business
  • Continue blogging (woops, had a bit of time off with that one clearly)
  • Pursue modelling

I know there are loads of them but I didn’t want to leave any out because I genuinely wanted to achieve each and every one of them.

Ok so bearing in mind we are now in August, I have so far this year:

  • Completed my first marathon here in Malta in February with a time less than 4 and a half hours.
  • Met and moved in with the most AMAZINGGGGGGGG man I have ever known in my life. Like amazing!!! Treats me better than anyone has ever done before and has been the biggest most precious blessing that life has offered me in a very long time. I feel very lucky. But I am finally starting to realise that I deserve all this stuff. I deserve to be happy. Just like everyone else does. I don’t have to earn it or do anything special for it, I just have to know that I deserve it 🙂


  • Thirdly, I am now the daily presenter on a radio show here in Malta. As in I have my very own lunchtime show Monday to Friday. How mad is that, haha!! I decided I wanted it to happen and I went hell for leather to make sure that it happened. This of course came at a price to begin with because I had to do a lot of work for free and just grab as many opportunities that came along as possible. But it happened. I got my own show and I deserved it.


  • I have also just completed my Swedish massage diploma (last month) and have already had my first client. And my personal training business is also picking up nicely too. Mainly because I have decided to actually pull my finger out my arse with it.

The only things that have slipped through the net a bit are my blogging and my modelling aspirations. The latter due to the fact that I always question if I am too old to get into it being 34 so I keep planning on sending out some photos of myself to agencies and then chickening out last minute. To be honest, I am not so fussed about that goal anymore but my writing is very important to me and actually pretty essential to my happiness. It has always been the best creative outlet for me, the place where I feel most like me. My writing. Now that I am writing to you again, I am reminding myself how much I love it. Who knows what will come of it, but I want to make sure that I keep on writing as frequently as I can. Because it makes me feel happy. And that’s what life is all about after all.

I also want to further my studies with my massage and get into Reiki. I am finding myself more and more drawn towards healing therapies and helping people through touch and meditation. Ultimately I feel my most happiest when I am helping people. And I do believe that we are all here on this earth to love and look after one another. For me that is the essence of a good life. To leave the earth knowing that your existence has had a beneficial, positive effect on the lives of others.

I guess I am writing this to you today to tell you that YOU CAN HAVE ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING YOU WANT IN THIS WORLD. All you have to do is make a plan and spend as long as it takes pouring energy and love into that plan or idea. Visualise it, imagine it, write it all down, work at it on a daily basis and remember why you are doing it. How will it make you feel when you have achieved it? Awesome I am sure. Anything is possible. Create that awesome life for yourself. Keep that chin held high and those thoughts positive. If you feel like your mind ever tries to hold you back with negative, self-limiting thoughts, tell those thoughts to sod off!! Replace those thoughts with better, more positive ones that will actually aid you in your quest.

Are you ready? I certainly am.

Good luck,

Hannah xxx

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