If you love yourself, look after yourself. 

Hello dears, 

Today I’m going to talk about self-love and making decisions that show that you love and care for yourself. 

We all know what to do to be healthy and what we should and shouldn’t put inside our bodies. We all know about healthy eating, keeping active and what to avoid to achieve optimal health (i.e. smoking and drinking etc). But it’s about waking up every day and deciding to put that knowledge into practice and choosing to feed our bodies with goodness and only goodness.

Take me for example, I eat super healthy most of the time, exercise 5 days a week, rarely drink etc etc. BUT, I do confess to having the odd cigarette. A habit which I can’t seem to knock on the head once and for all. It’s probably my only vice but admittedly a very bad one. I just have to make a decision once and for all that enough is enough. Put the cigarette out. And never light one again. 

Also, it’s really important that we put ourselves and our needs first. I have been known to focus so much on others that I almost forget about myself. It’s nice to be caring and always mindful of everyone around us but what about ourselves? Surely we need and deserve some attention and self-love too?

This post was just a little reminder to myself and to everyone else that it’s so important to love and care for ourselves both physically and on an emotional level. We only have one life and one body. We must really try and only feed it with goodness.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy day. I hope that if any of you are struggling with becoming healthy or perhaps ditching a bad habit that you have the strength to finally knock it on the head. 

Self-love always 

Hannah xx 

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