Happiness in bullet points

  • Don’t take life too seriously. We aren’t here for very long. 
  • Love as much as you can. Love your friends, your family, your partner and your children endlessly. Make them feel special and cared for and never take them for granted. 
  • Love yourself as much as you can. I know this is hard for some. But you must try and love and respect yourself and only make decisions that show that you care for yourself and your body. View yourself like a young child and feed yourself only with goodness and love. 
  • Forgive others. Even if you can’t forgive someone with words, forgive them in your heart and mind. Do this for yourself, so to spare yourself of too much suffering. When you try and understand why someone has hurt you, try and view that person as yourself, just with different life experiences. Because it’s likely that these life experiences caused them to hurt you. This doesn’t justify their behavior at all but it helps to depersonalize their actions slightly.
  • Always follow your heart. Stay true to who you are and what you’re about. 
  • Spend time in nature
  • Use your skills, talents and strengths in a way that not only benefit yourself but also others. Be useful. 
  • Give yourself silence from time to time. Give yourself time to just be. Sit quietly. Listen to your breath. Tune into your body and soul. 
  • Be grateful. Thank the world/ the universe/ God everyday for giving you life for another day. Because it’s a blessing that mustn’t be taken for granted. Speak gratitude and thanks on a daily basis. 
  • Smile. Laugh. Be playful. What a crazy life we lead. Laugh at life. Enjoy everyday like a child. 

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