Hi Love, Bye ego

Hello hello hello,

My goodness I haven’t blogged for 5 months 😦 How tragic is that, seeing as I love it. But it’s ok because I’M BACK ❤️❤️. I hope you’re all having a great 2018 so far. Mines been pretty good so far actually. I’ve been rushed off my feet hence not managing to write much. Juggling my personal training business and presenting on a radio station. But I have decided that I am going to start putting aside time to actually write!! Because it is something which I am extremely passionate about.

Here is a question for you: Have you ever felt like you have been kind of drifting off track a little with your goals and what you ultimately want to do?? Like you have forgotten or pushed aside your real purpose and what you believe you should be doing with your life? Well I feel that although I have been super busy with work etc, making money, I have kinda forgotten about my real aims and what makes me tick. For example, I have always been my most happiest when helping people. Whether it be through my fitness business or through my writing, helping people is what has always made me feel like I’m living out my REAL purpose. I have always believed that we are all here to make a difference and to have a positive influence in some way on our surroundings and on the people that we share them with. I feel that recently however, my ego has taken a bit of a front seat and that my loving side has been slightly sidelined. Especially with focusing so much on my presenting on the radio job. I do believe that unless you are working on a spiritual or religious station, if you are just there to entertain, yes you are of course making a difference to the days of the people who are listening bla bla, but there is something quite egotistical and narcissistic about it. Don’t you think?? It’s like any performing role really, I just find it quite me me me and self-indulgent. My therapist thinks I am over-analysing it too much. Maybe I am. I guess what is important is whether or not something makes us happy in the end. I don’t feel that fulfilled with I am on the radio. I want to do more things that make me feel alive. Make me feel like I am making a difference. Things that move me closer to a spiritual experience and one based on love not ego or fear. So here is my plan: I am going to ditch the radio job to write. To share my thoughts and ideas with you. To hopefully make some of you smile, ponder or relate with what I am saying. So that in some way I can connect with you all.

I think its really important that we all assess whether our daily lives and what we do is based on love or on fear and our ego. I don’t believe that a life based on our ego will ever lead us to happiness. Initially perhaps, but not after a while. We are all spiritual beings after all, born to love and to make a difference. I hope you have all enjoyed my post and I will speak to you soon,

Big love to all of you,

Hannah xxx

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